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Utsushok Shrine (Long or Wide) walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Use the power of long or wide paddles to get Link through the Utsushok Shrine.


The Utsushok Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom focuses on using swinging paddles to hit balls and propel Link along traicks. This is one of the easier shrines to solve, rewarding Link with another Light of Blessing and a Sneaky Elixir if you can nab the secret chest.

Utsushok Shrine (Long or Wide)

The Utsushok Shrine (Long or Wide) is located in Faron, in the eastern Faron Grasslands, northeast of Faron Sea, between Fural Plain and Guchini Plain at coordinates: 0668, -3358, 0072. This one is really tucked in there in the middle of nowhere. This shrine requires the use of swinging paddles to knock balls into sockets.

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Enter the shrine and use Ultrahand to lift up the swinging paddle near the ball. Lift it as high as you can and then release it. The paddle will knock the ball along the rail and into the socket. Go through the gate to find another paddle puzzle.

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For this next one, grab the block from the floor and attach it to the back of the paddle. Stand beside it and pull the paddle backwards and up, so it’s as far away from the ball as possible. Release it to smack the ball with enough force to push it up the incline. You may need to do this a couple of times.

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In this next room, grab the plank and attach it to the back of the paddle. Pull it back and smack the ball down the rail to the socket. Doing this will release a mine cart.

Link sits in a mine cart while using Ultrahand to lift a paddle

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Now, attach the plank to the right side of the paddle so that when released, it will smack the back of the mine cart. Jump in the cart and lift the paddle up as high as it will go. Release it to send Link along the cart. Make sure you use Ultrahand to grab the chest from the wall as you go by. It contains a Sneaky Elixir.

With the Utsushok Shrine completed, you’ll be one shrine closer to having them all done and powering up Link to maximum. Take a look at our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for a ton of other shrine walkthroughs.

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