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Rotsumamu Shrine (A Balanced Plan) walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Link will need to solid plan and some good balance if he wants to clear the Rotsumamu Shrine.


The physics in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are rather impressive and the Rotsumamu Shrine in Gerudo uses the system to its full advantage. Link will need to balance on seesaws, use weights to lift himself up, and fly into the area if he wants to walk away with the secret chest.

Rotsumamu Shrine (A Balanced Plan)

The Rotsumamu Shrine (A Balanced Plan) is found in the Gerudo area, up high on the Gerudo Highlands mountain range that separates the region from the north. It’s located in a gully between the Vatorsa Snowfield and Sapphia’s Table, right beside a chasm to the Depths. Find it at the following coordinates: -3408, -1361, 0335. This shrine is all about using seesaws to reach higher areas and flinging Link.

Link attaches a heavy barrel to the side of a seesaw

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Enter the shrine and immediately cross the seesaw to reach the upper area. On this new level, attach the heavy barrel to the left side of the seesaw so that Link can walk across it without it falling. Jump up to the next level and approach the final puzzle.

Link stands near a seesaw that has a heavy block on one side

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Link soars through the air after being flung up by the seesaw

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This seesaw is used to reach the secret chest. Begin by attaching the plank to the left side of the seesaw and then attach the heavy block to it. Jump onto the seesaw and walk down to the lowest part and then grab the heavy block with Ultrahand. Quickly, shake it free, drop it, and as Link is flung up into the air, jump and glide over to the chest. It contains a Large Zonaite.

Get back over to the seesaw, attach the heavy block to the left side again, and this time walk up the seesaw and go through the door. Interact with the panel to get another Light of Blessing. And that’s it, the Rotsumamu Shrine will be completed. Check out our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for more shrine walkthroughs.

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