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Frequently Asked Questions


Is strategic planning right for me?

This system is designed to be very effective in a team environment.  As the owner of the company you must be willing to participate in the process, not dominate it.  There must be an environment that allows for open communication.  This is critical to developing an outcome that will truly change your company.  The open communication will provide for feedback that creates a new level of commitment in your key people. If you have a controlling or micromanaging style please contact me directly to make sure this is a good fit for you.


Am I giving up control of my company?

No. Before and during the retreat certain issues may surface that are ownership decisions, that will clearly defined as not part of the strategic planning team's responsibility.  The owner has the final say as to what is part of the strategic planning teams responsibility.  For example the team could not decide to acquire another company, unless of course they were willing to pay for that acquisition. 


Why do I need an outside facilitator?

The facilitator should be somebody with experience and training to conduct a strategic planning retreat.  The facilitator should be somebody from outside the company, without a vested interest or agenda.  Using an outside facilitator will ensure employee buy-in.  Unfortunately there is often a perception of a pre-determined agenda, when the retreat is conducted by the business owner.

Is strategic planning right for my company?

Power planning has been designed to be implemented in small to medium-size businesses.  The company size ranges from approximately $2 million to $100 million.  Although I specialize in construction companies, this system will work for any type of business.


What is the strategic planning process?

  1. A letter is sent to all participants explaining their selection and requirements. 
  2. A pre-retreat questionnaire is distributed to all participants.  This questionnaire is e-mailed or faxed directly to the facilitator. 
  3. The information is consolidated into groups and printed. 
  4. All participants will have a 30 to 45 minute one-on-one meeting with the facilitator. 
  5. The two-day offsite retreat is held. 
  6. A comprehensive report is distributed to all team members approximately 1 week after the retreat. 
  7. Accountability meetings are held on a regular basis for the following year to ensure implementation.


What is Power Planning?

Power Planning is a licensed product developed by Rick Houcek.  Rick has been conducting strategic planning retreats for large corporations since the mid-1970s.  Power planning retreats have been conducted since 1995, developed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.  This process is very efficient and has a track record of success.  Power Planning focuses on action.  Strategic planning team members will have a clear understanding of their commitments.  I am licensed and have been fully trained to conduct Power Planning retreats.  I firmly believe the power planning process along with my real world experience qualifies me to take your company to the next level.

 How long does the retreat take?

The actual retreat requires two full days.  The days usually start at 8 a.m. and end at approximately 5 p.m. Members of the strategic planning team will meet individually with the facilitator the day prior to the retreat.  These meetings usually last 30 to 45 minutes each. It is also recommended that a group dinner be held after the first day.


Where should the retreat take place?

The retreat should be held off site.  Ideally the location should be out of town to avoid distractions, usually within driving distance. The days are very full and intense.  The retreat can take place at a local hotel if required.  The retreat facility should be a conference center, as they have the experience to handle such events.  Country clubs and bed-and-breakfast are not recommended.


Who should be invited to the retreat?

This is determined by the business owner.  This group usually consists of six to 12 key employees.  These are usually the best thinkers in the company, and will make a contribution to the process.  I would recommend both long-term and new employees.  I would also ensure that all departments or aspects of the company are represented.  I would also recommend outside representation, this could include a customer, lawyer, accountant, consultant, competitor or mentor.  Spouses and other family members on not recommended.


What is the cost of a retreat?

The standard cost of a retreat is $23,800.  Please contact me directly with regards to any available discount pricing. This cost includes the pre-retreat questionnaire and printing, the one-on-one meetings, the two-day retreat, and required copies of the strategic planning report.  Additional consulting and meeting participation will be determined.