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Power Planning Case Study Summary

Creative Plantscapes

Before the Retreat

2 years after Retreat




Net Profits



Number Employees




Power Planning Helps Creative Plantscapes Increase Sales and Profitability Significantly

The Situation:

Our company sales were approximately $1.8 million, our profit percentage was at zero, and many times we ran in the red. We had 26 full time employees and our customer satisfaction was good, but not great. Our employees had a genuine interest in the company but their involvement in any decision-making was very minimal.  There was practically no accountability structure in place. We had many organizational and procedural problems in the field and were wasting many hours a week because of it. We also had many issues we needed to deal with in the office such as organizational, communicating with the field, sales, and scheduling.

The Action:

Although we were hesitant about investing in the Power Planning Process, we trusted that the outcomes would justify the expense.  We participated in the Power Planning™ process, taking our leadership team off site for the two-day session, and then we put the strategic plan we developed into action when we returned to the office.

The Result:

  • Over the next two years, our gross sales approached $2.5 million, and our profit grew to 16 per cent.  We’ve hired 9 more full time employees, and we get rave reviews from almost all of our customers. Our employees have a sincere, vested interest in the company and communication between the office and field is the best it has ever been. We feel now that this system is in place, we can tackle any problem or issue we have and make it better, with everyone agreeing to it.
  • We have a much more profitable, organized company now than we did 2 years ago. But most of all, we have a group of 15 key employees who have bought in to the vision and direction of the company, which is the main reason we have become more profitable and are satisfying more customers than before. The retreat was definitely worth the investment.



Consulting Case Study


Consulting Provides Kane Landscaping with the tools, systems and long term support to grow profitability.

 The Situation:

  • Before working with Marcus Kane Landscapes was a great small company.  We had excellent morale, being only 6 employees, did high quality work, since the owner was on-site most of the time and had strong relationships with our customs, resulting in an extremely high satisfaction rating. 
  • The only thing missing was how to actually make any money.  We were relying on down-payments from upcoming jobs to pay for jobs we were completing and when winter came we always had to dip into our line of credit, pushing us further into debt.

 The Action:

  • After Meeting Marcus at a hardscaping industry seminar we knew we needed to take advantage of a consultant and get the “business” side of our company straight.  We initially worked with Marcus to determine our total overhead costs and what we needed to bill on each section of a job to recover this overhead.  This information changed our company completely. 
  • We were no longer going by what we heard was the prevailing rate around town. 
  • We knew down to the penny what the job was going to cost us to build, how much overhead we needed to recover and how much profit we would make if we did the job correctly.  Knowing our numbers also allowed us to negotiate with clients better and more intelligently. 
  • There was no more we will take 10% off because that sounded like a good deal for them and not that much money for us to get a job, when in actuality that was all of our profit, essentially having us do the job for free (if nothing went wrong).

 The Result:

  • Several years later we are still using Marcus as our primary consultant to help our company grow. 
  • With over 25 employees and producing $2.5 million a year we have new issues from hiring of key personnel to creating bonus systems for team leaders that he helps us overcome.  We price all our work, both landscape and maintenance using the methods he taught us and knew exactly what every job costs us and how much it makes. 
  • These changes have allowed us to not only grow a strong company, but have a nice savings, which is a great stress reducer during this current economic downturn.  
  • Like many small business owners the initial cost of consulting seemed enormous, but it has been worth much, much more. 
  • Not only monetarily but in all of our employee’s quality of life. 
  • We know what we need to do to meet our goals and how to do it. 
  • You can not ask for much more in business than that.