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Frequently Asked Questions.

How is Performance Consulting different from other consulting practices?

As with any professional undertaking, we bring who we are, our experience, our judgment to the job.  MV Enterprises is an outgrowth of the success and insight that Marcus vandeVliet has garnered over the years, and what he has done is go beyond the usual consulting paradigm of identifying and talking about issues or problems holding businesses back from long-term success.  He is focused on action-based systems that establish clear lines of accountability and new ways of operating that will yield the desired results.  He is focused on building long-term relationships with clients to foster within each business or organization he is working with an ever-evolving level of success.

When is the right time to take advantage of Performance Consulting?

When business owners/executives recognize that the potential of the company is not being realized, that profitability is stunted, or that people and systems are not working together for maximum growth and success, Performance Consulting will help cut to the core of the problems and begin the process of change.

What is the initial Performance Consulting process?

Each client’s needs dictates the actual steps taken when Performance Consulting begins.  With the majority of clients, the initial consultation is usually two days in length, although, for smaller companies one day may be sufficient.  The process starts with an initial assessment of the company.  During this assessment, Marcus vandeVliet analyzes financial reports and systems, interviews key employees, reviews existing systems and processes, tours the facility, and, if appropriate, visits typical project sites to analyze the customer experience.

During this assessment, areas of need and priority are determined, which provides the direction for the development of a long-term strategy and recommendations focused on specific improvements.

Who is involved in the Performance Consulting Process?

At the start, Marcus spends the bulk of his time with the owner/top executive and other key managers/employees that the executive has identified. As the process continues, as assessment and recommendations evolve to include more specific operational and production issues, additional employees may be involved.

Is there a long-term contract?

No.  Although Marcus’s primary goal is to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships, this is governed by the client’s satisfaction, not a contract.  Marcus focuses on ensuring a good return on investment, and this, in turn, helps build an ongoing relationship over time.

How do prospective clients acquire referrals?

Marcus vandeVliet is pleased to provide referrals.  Please contact him directly.