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Incremental thinking is when you design a company to be run tomorrow based on what you have today.  Strategic thinking is when you look into the future and design your company based on what you want to become.”     (Linda Honold)


Power Planning is a unique, proven process for implementing a shared accountability system that helps companies take control of their business success.

With a stronger buy-in to company goals, a team more committed to achieving them, and consensus on measurable lines of accountability, companies are positioned to progress more profitably for the long-term. 


Clients identify the Power Planning Leadership Team who will participate in the customized Power Planning process, then Marcus vandeVliet provides:

  1. Pointed questionnaires for each team member to fill out and return for review and analysis
  2. A full day of on-site one-on-one interviews with each team member to gather first-hand information that will directly shape the Power Planning off-site session
  3. Facilitation of the intensive two-day Power Planning session, designed to produce and ensure implementation of a laser-focused Strategic Plan of Action that includes:
    • Clear goals
    • Critical action steps
    • Specific target dates for completion
    • Assigned lines of responsibility
    • Built-in accountability system that includes team-enforced consequences for non-performance.
  4. Development of the Power Planning Report, a 30-40 page document that is submitted seven days after the session and fully delineates all elements of the mutually agreed-to Strategic Plan of Action.