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Golden Seed locations - Elden Ring

Find Golden Seeds beneath golden trees in Elden Ring to upgrade your Sacred Flask.


Golden Seeds are responsible for increasing the charge count of the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring. As such, collecting all of the Golden Seeds will allow you to last longer during tough boss battles or spend more time exploring instead of returning to a Site of Grace.

Golden Seed locations

There are dozens of Golden Seeds to find in Elden Ring. These are one of the two items required in upgrading the Sacred Flask, the other being the Scared Tears. The more you improve the Sacred Flask, the more Golden Seeds you will need, so collecting as many as you can is ideal. 

elden ring spoiler alert

Below are all of the Golden Seeds we’ve been able to find, grouped into the game’s different areas. The further you scroll down, the more into the late-game you will go – so tread lightly if you’re just starting. Map spoilers and images are below! It could be worth taking the time to find the map fragments so that your map is fully uncovered.


The first Golden Seed in Limgrave is found through the gatehouse and up toward the castle. It’s right near a little shack.

This Golden Seed is in Limgrave, over in the eastern region called Mistwood, down by the fort.

elden ring golden seeds

Another Golden Seed is within Stormveil Castle, along the eastern side of the walls. The golden tree is between two larger trees.

Weeping Peninsula

elden ring golden seed weeping peninsula

A Golden Seed is located to the far south of the Weeping Peninsula, on a raise overlooking the impressive fort.

Liurnia of the Lake

This Golden Seed is in the middle of the lake in Liurnia, among the half-sunken buildings leading to the Academy.

elden ring golden seed liurnia of the lake

This Golden Seed is along the bridge that runs east of the Academy. Don’t use the sigil, instead, run under it and continue along the bridge to spot it before the edge.

Find this Golden Seed once you’re inside the Academy proper. It’s on the edge of a cliff, defended by some enemies.

Far to the north of the Liurnia of the Lakes is Caria Manor. This Golden Seed is on the eastern side and is protected by a wolf.

Another Golden Seed is in the ravine of Liurnia, to the north of the area. It is defended by a large group of egg-like monsters.


elden ring golden seeds caelid

Search for this Golden Seed in the south of Caelid, leading toward the massive fort.

Far to the north is another Golden Seed, this one outside of a large building atop the hill.

This Golden Seed is found in the town of Sellia in Caelid, the small town in the hills overlooking the swamp.

Altus Plateau

elden ring golden seed altus plateau

A Golden Seed is along the main path, north of the fork in the road on the Altus Plateau.

Another Golden Seed is in the west of the Altus Plateau, and will likely be the first one you find if you access the area via the lake as opposed to the elevator.

This Golden Seed is down in the central gully of the Altus Plateau, north of the Minor Erdtree. While you're down here, make sure you go and solve the Mirage Rise puzzle.

Find this Golden Seed in the north of the Altus Plateau, right outside the outer wall, just beyond the trebuchets.

Mt Gelmir

elden ring golden seed mt gelmir

A Golden Seed can be discover in Mt. Gelmir, a short distance from the manor. Go down the hill to find it and continue further to discover one of the many map fragments.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

One of the first Golden Seeds you can find in the Royal Capital is right inside the outer walls. There will be a golden tree in a circular area that actually has two Golden Seeds for you to collect!

The next Golden Seeds are north of the previous one, at the next circular area in the Royal Capital. This tree also has two seeds for you to collect.

This Golden Seed is deep in the Royal Capital and is protected by a giant creature and two smaller minions.

There are a lot of Golden Seeds to find in Elden Ring. Whenever you enter a new area, take the time to search it for golden trees, as each seed will go towards upgrading your Sacred Flask. For more assistance finding important items, check out our Elden Ring strategy guide.

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