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The best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build for solo play

The best Diablo 4 sorcerer build for solo play lets you tackle mobs and bosses from afar with ease, with a combination of shock and flame.


The best Diablo 4 sorcerer build lets you tackle mobs and bosses from afar with ease. Sorcerers are, as ever in the RPG series, weak in direct combat, but capable of dealing heavy damage and exploiting elemental weaknesses. Just make sure to vary your skills so you don’t get stuck against a resilient boss.

What is the best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build?

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Like with Diablo 4’s other classes, the best build will change depending on whether you’re playing solo or in a group. The solo sorcerer needs to diversify their skills to handle enemies with resistances, but those playing in a group have an easier time specializing in an element and making the most of it.

We’re recommending a lightning build with a touch of pyromancy and frost. However, as with all builds, this is subjective. If you find something that works better for you, Diablo 4 lets you refund your skill points at any time and invest them elsewhere as you see fit.

Diablo 4 Sorcerer build for solo play

We opted for a lightning sorcerer to start with and branched into a combination of lightning and fire, with a special focus on skills with a broad area-of-effect range. This build should see you through the main campaign with no trouble and can keep enemies at a distance to help make up for the sorcerer’s weaker defenses.

Basic skill: Spark (level 2)

Spark is the best choice for your starting skill. Fractured Peaks enemies aren’t resistant to lightning, and it hits multiple foes in front of you with just one swish of your staff.

Core skill: Chain Lightning (level 2)

Chain Lightning is basically an enhanced version of Spark. It bounces bolts of energy between enemies several times and, at higher levels, deals increased damage and has a higher likelihood of landing critical hits.

Core cluster passive: Devastation

Devastation is a must, since it raises your mana total. The last thing you want in a boss fight is an empty mana pool.

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Defensive skill: Teleport (level 2)

Teleport is your lifeline when enemies get too close. It transports you to a designated location in a burst of electrical energy and, at the highest upgrade level, grants you immunity for a short time afterward.

If you need an elemental alternative, try Frost Nova instead. This skill freezes all nearby foes.

Defensive cluster passive: Elemental Attunement

This passive gives your critical hits a chance to reduce all your skill cooldowns, which meshes nicely with Chain Lightning.

Conjuration skill: Hydra (level 2)

This fire skill summons a beast that spews flames at nearby enemies for several seconds, giving you the chance to retreat or focus on a different foe while it lasts.

Conjuration cluster passive: Align the Elements

This is a specialized passive, but a handy one if you struggle against tough enemies. It reduces the damage you take from elite foes the longer you go without taking a hit from an elite foe.

A menu displaying the branching Sorcerer skill tree, with Frozen Orb highlighted

Mastery skill: Ball Lightning or Meteor (level 2)

Ball Lightning is our first choice, since it deals substantial amounts of damage to nearby foes and automatically generates crackling energy, a feature that lets you deal even more lightning damage. 

This build is already pretty lightning heavy, though, so if you want something different, Meteor should be your choice. Meteor moves more slowly, but it covers a broader area and causes more damage.

Mastery cluster passives: Devouring Blaze and Invigorating Conduit

Devouring Blaze increases your chance of landing critical hits on burning foes, which works well with the Hydra spell. Invigorating Conduit replenishes mana when you absorb crackling energy, something you’ll be doing a lot of with this build.

Best Enchantment: Fireball

Sorcerers can set a skill as their enchantment and gain a special buff from it. Fireball makes enemies explode at death, which damages other nearby foes and makes finishing off mobs even easier.

However you build your Diablo 4 Sorcerer during the beta, just bear in mind you'll have to do it again later. Your beta progress won't carry over to the full game.

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